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We create bold campaigns that advance your objectives and engage people to act.


Whether it be press relations, voter contact, event coordination, data, crisis management, or content creation for digital media, we have you covered. 

Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a unique approach to meet your needs.


We help you outsmart the competition. Our team will develop comprehensive action plans and strategies to achieve your goals and deliver results.

We shape opinions by engaging the public, starting conversations, and building grassroots and grasstops support.


We’re constantly experimenting and studying how to make direct mail more effective – from optimizing an individual piece through eye-tracking to finding the most effective patterns and combinations of positive, contrast, and negative pieces over the course of a complete campaign.


Campaigns require money. ZDStephens Company can help. From the Capitol to in-district donor networks, from direct mail to digital donor cultivation, we have the skills to raise the capital you need. Plus, we offer compliance services to protect you from complaints and offer complete peace of mind.


Zach Stephens, a native of Tennessee, is the managing principal of ZDStephens Company. 

In his capacity, Zach serves as a strategic advisor for multiple elected officials, candidates, corporate entities, and statewide associations, assisting them in increasing their public profile and political footprint. 

Well known for his calming presence and kind spirit, Zach works closely with clients to develop and execute effective, innovative communications programs and fundraising campaigns to meet clients' specific needs. ​

Prior to establishing ZDStephens Company, Zach served in a managerial position for a healthcare practice before launching a startup focused on strategic communications for corporate businesses and political campaigns. 

He is an alumnus of Tennessee Technological University where he majored in political science and minored in communication and history.

Connect with Zach on LinkedIn or via email at

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