• Zach Stephens

10-day Blackout Period No Longer Enforced for PAC Giving (Tennessee)

In previous elections, there was a blackout period leading up to the 10 days before Election Day.

Today, T.C.A. 2-10-117 was found to have been invalid in the case of Tennesseans for Sensible Election Laws v. the Registry of Election Finance. Therefore, the 10-day blackout period is no longer being enforced for PAC giving.

Please be aware that T.C.A. 2-10-105 is still in effect which requires both candidates and PACS who receive a contribution in excess of $5,000 (state races) during the 10 days prior to the election to report these contributions to the Registry via the Interim Report by the end of the next business day after the date on which the contribution was received.

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