• Zach Stephens

How can direct mail help you win?

The effectiveness of a direct mail campaign can be directly related to the accuracy of the mailing list, saliency of the design, and quality of the copy. Your mail needs to convince voters that you are the right candidate to vote for or your proposition in a finite timeframe.

The results of direct mail are measurable. By recognizing what is working and what is not, adjustments to your next mailpiece can be made to drive results.

Direct mail can help you win. Here's how...


Political campaigns and initiatives have a unique ability to target voters with direct mail and tailor mailers to ideological issues, voter history, and more complex voter profiles that utilize a combination of traditional voters lists matched with consumer data.

Perceived Credibility

When compared to television and digital ads, direct mail continues to demonstrate relative credibility. This allows political campaigns the ability to capitalize on sending mailers to not only gain support but attack an opponent based on their record.


With the advancement of technology, personalization of direct mail pieces has become easier. Today, it's possible to send different messages to different people in the same mailing. This can be used to not only change out text but also images to make a greater impact on each individual. It’s micro-targeting at its finest.


Direct mail can be a phenomenal way to drive engagement online. Include QR codes and PURLS (personalized web pages) that direct people to issue specific landing pages with information that appeals to their specific issues of priority. This experience, of course, must be built on a mobile channel for true optimization. For example, consider sending them to a video of you speaking about yourself or your stance on a certain issue. Let them get to know you and where you stand on the issues that matter most to them.


Our voter mail service allows you to reach voters through effective and clear messaging. Our data-centric targeted approach delivers the right message to the right voters at the right time. At ZDStephens Company, we understand the demanding and time-critical nature of political messaging. That's why our voter mail is delivered on a consistent schedule every time. When you work with us, you can ensure comprehensive management throughout the entire process.

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