Service Offerings

Campaign Management

From the infancy of a campaign to Election Day, we can help set the right message, create a strong and necessary infrastructure, and most importantly, help identify a strategic path to victory. 


Our approach is effective, comprehensive, and customized to meet your specific needs. We offer digital fundraising, direct mail fundraising, and call time management to reach your financial goals.

Compliance & Budgeting

We recognize the necessity of tracking every penny raised and spent on a campaign. Moreover, we understand the process and steps necessary to register with election authorities and file required reports. We know how to manage these reports and can help ensure they are delivered accurately and on time.

Fundraising Direct Mail

From the initial strategy to the artwork, production, copywriting, list brokerage, and print, we manage all aspects of fundraising direct mail. 

Fundraising Calls

We provide a number of phone services, including script development and call time management. ZDStephens Company will ensure your message is delivered with clarity and enthusiasm across all communication channels.

Voter Mail

Our voter mail service allows you to reach voters through effective and clear messaging. Our data-centric targeted approach delivers the right message to the right voters at the right time. At ZDStephens Company, we understand the demanding and time-critical nature of political messaging. That's why our voter mail is delivered on a consistent schedule every time. When you work with us, you can ensure comprehensive management throughout the entire process.

Canvassing Programs

Our door-to-door programs are at the cutting edge of technological innovation. We create door programs that economize our client’s budget and maximize engagement. All of our canvassers are thoroughly briefed, trained, and are provided regular feedback to ensure they are the best advocates to advance a campaign. 

Social Media Management

ZDStephens Company creates organic social content and builds engagement online. This includes content management for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Digital Ads

Digital advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message out. With the help of demographic, behavioral, and voter-file matched lists, we pinpoint exact universes of people to target.

Collateral Materials

We can ensure your campaign has all of the necessities. ZDStephens Company will deliver quality door hangers, rack/palm cards, yard signs, pole signs, and roadside/commercial signs. If we aren't able to offer the campaign material you need, we can help you source it.